Organizers: Naoki Saito, University of California Davis, Ronald R. Coifman, Yale University, James G. Glimm, SUNY at Stony Brook, Peter W. Jones, Yale University, Mauro Maggioni, Duke University, Jared Tanner, University of Edinburgh.

The program and abstracts of the talks are available here.

Slides of some of the talks:
  1. Construction of a Large Class of Deterministic Sensing Matrices that Satisfy a Statistical Isometry Property by R. Calderbank
  2. Nonparametric Manifold Learning and Compressive Sensing by L. Carin.
  3. Harmonic Analysis and Geometries of Digital Data Bases by R. Coifman and M. Gavish.
  4. Affine-invariant Principal Components by S. Vempala.
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