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Looking for postdocs to join my research team, and the Applied Mathematics and Statistics or the Mathematics Department: please see ad at or

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On DropBox & cloud sync

I do not use DropBox. Dropbox OSX “dirty little security hack”, here, and here. Alternatives: ownCloud, Nextcloud, if you run your own server.

On Zoom

7/10/19: I do not use Zoom. Zoom installing a hidden web server that would could automatically launch video calls and would not get uninstalled with app, in fact it seems it would stay active and automatically install the app upon clicking on links to zoom calls. This is forcibly fixed by an Apple silent update (normally… Continue reading On Zoom

On Gmail

I do not use Gmail for work-related e-mails, or other e-mais I prefer to not be read by Google or the companies it sells ad to. I would love to hear updates on these policies/what is actually the latest about Gmail privacy.

On Adobe, Flash & Reader

Another critical vulnerability in Adobe Flash player, required for example by JHU to take mandatory professional-learning materials. I use an isolated Windows virtual machine on OS X just for Adobe Flash player…and still I wish I did not have to use it, ever. See Steve Jobs’ thoughts on Flash. Update: now it seems Flash won’t… Continue reading On Adobe, Flash & Reader

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